Type on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV using your Mac’s keyboard. Turn your Mac into a Bluetooth keyboard that works with all of your devices.

Because Google uses the same cookie/account for all of their products the attacker can also access voice.google.com. Here, the attacker can see any sms messages sent to you in real-time.

Scaling your career, 30 minutes performance from Marco Arment that is worth watching.

Light Table is an open source IDE that lets you modify running programs and embed anything from websites to games. It provides the real time feedback we need to not only answer questions about our code, but to understand how our programs really work.

It’s hard to decide what’s more shocking, the fact that PayPal gave the attacker the last four digits of my credit card number over the phone.

Barra said that during a Chinese holiday called “Singles Day” Taobao did more than twice the sales all US e-commerce companies did on Cyber Monday.

The most important relationships in your life are those at home – your spouse, children, and other family. Your work will bring you temporary pleasure and recognition, but in the long run, you have to remember that if you died tomorrow you’d be replaced and the world would keep moving.

Unlike most other cloud providers, Heroku isn’t in the VPS business. Their goal isn’t to sell you virtual Ubuntu servers that you configure yourself. Their real goal is to handle that stuff for you, and let you focus on building applications.